Private Treaty Sales

Private treaty provides an alternative method to selling at auction and is effectively another way of saying a direct cash sale.

Choosing this method of sale can be dictated by circumstances, value or simply a personal choice. In many cases private treaty is the simpler method of sale and is certainly quicker. You are essentially selling your item or collection directly to the auction house. This is a popular option for many as it does not incur any selling fees and there is no need to wait for an auction to find out how much your items have made. A price is agreed and the total paid, sometimes in a matter of minutes.

We are always delighted to purchase all manner of antiques and collectables including classic antique furniture, ceramics, old postcards, toys, jewellery, watches, gold and coins. We are happy to look at any item you are interested in selling and will always advise if we think selling at auction would be in your best interest.

You can make an appointment to visit one of our experts at our premises, at a valuation event or book a home visit.

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